16 Months Post-COVID: What’s Going on with Debt, Savings & What’s Next?

16 Months Post-COVID: What’s Going on with Debt, Savings & What’s Next? Debt Free In 30 | A Personal Finance Podcast | Ep. 357. We are now 16 months into the Coronavirus pandemic, and everything has changed. Canadians have increased their savings rate and put a dent in their unsecured debt obligations. But are these trends going to last? Will savings go back down and credit card balances surge once the economy fully reopens? And will stress levels increase when we are back together in the workplace? Join guest Ted Michalos for a lively discussion on what’s happening and what’s next.

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Time Stamps:

3:50 How much are Canadians saving now?
6:54 What’s happening with credit card debt?
11:11 What’s in store for the future?
20:00 When will things return to normal?
24:48 Practical advice

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