Can President Biden Forgive Student Loans By Executive Order?

Can President Biden forgive student loan debt by executive order? If he can, why hasn’t he? We break down the law here:

0:00 – Student loan forgiveness
1:24 – Can President Biden cancel all federal student loans?
1:58 – Higher Education Act of 1965
3:07 – Federal claims and collections standards
3:56 – What about the payment pause and interest waiver?
4:38 – What about taxes on student loan forgiveness? Can those be waived?
5:51 – Does Student Loan Forgiveness Qualify as a Disaster Relief Payment?
6:38 – Conclusion

Here’s what we’re talking about in this video:

▶︎ Can Biden really cancel student loan debt?

▶︎ What the law says: The Higher Education Act and Emergency Disaster Relief

▶︎ What about taxes on student loan forgiveness?

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