Do You Have to Pay Old Debts? | DFI30

Do You Have to Pay Old Debts? | DFI30 | Ep. 385. If you ignore an old debt, will it just go away? What if it’s been removed from your credit report already? What if a creditor hasn’t reached out to you about it in years? Does that mean you don’t have to pay? Not exactly. On today’s podcast, Doug Hoyes and Ted Michalos discuss how the Statute of Limitations works in Ontario, updates to the law, and which debts it does and doesn’t apply to. They also review 3 scenarios to help you understand what may or may not happen when it comes to owing old debts. Tune in for lots of practical advice!


Ontario Limitations Act and Old Debts:
What is the Limitations Act:
Ontario Limitations Act via
Eyton Case, In re: John Trevor Eyton, 2021 ONSC 1819 (CanLII):
Superintendent of Bankruptcy, Directive 6R:

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