Is the Housing Market Finally Slowing Down? with Nasma Ali | DFI30

Is the Housing Market Finally Slowing Down? DFI30 | Ep. 399. Ontario real estate is starting to see some pullback. Is this the end of the housing craze or just a temporary slowdown? On today’s podcast we have first-time guest Nasma Ali, founder of One Group, a real estate agency based in Toronto. Nasma explains what’s currently happening with the real estate market. She also shares when she noticed the housing market slow down in the GTA, whether housing will ever drop by 50%, and whether now is a good time to buy. Nasma also discusses sales transparency and why it’s worth working with an experienced agent when making one of the most expensive financial decisions of your life. Tune in for lots of great practical advice and rare insight!

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Time Stamps:

1:13 What is going on with real estate?
6:41 When did the slowdown start?
9:58 What is a bully offer?
13:29 Is now a good time to buy or should you wait?
20:30 Will housing ever be affordable? Will GTA prices drop 50%?
25:35 Sale price + transparency
30:55 Is there a real benefit to working with an agent? Can you DYI real estate sales?

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