Ontario Debt Experts Discuss What’s Happening Right Now | DFI30

Ontario Debt Experts Discuss What’s Happening Right Now | DFI30 | Ep. 386. For the first time ever on Debt Free in 30, we’ve gathered some of our Licensed Insolvency Trustees from across Ontario to share what they’re seeing on the ground. How has the pandemic impacted indebted individuals? Has the vaccine mandate affected jobs and income? How is Canada Revenue Agency handling consumer proposals? All these questions answered and more, with insights from our Barrie, Mississauga, Oshawa, Cambridge/Brantford, Scarborough/Markham, Windsor, Kanata/Ottawa, and London experts. Tune in for a great discussion.

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Our guests, in alphabetical order:
Mark Borysiak, Barrie https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/mark-borysiak/
Howard Hayes, Cambridge and Brantford: https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/howard-hayes/
Jennifer Kwon, Mississauga https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/jennifer-kwon/
Rebecca Martyn, Windsor https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/rebecca-martyn/
Maureen Parent, Kanata and Ottawa https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/maureen-parent/
Ianina Raguimov, Oshawa https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/ianina-raguimov/
Joel Sandwith, London https://www.hoyes.com/ontario-offices/london/
Nicholas To, Markham and Scarborough https://www.hoyes.com/about-hoyes-michalos/bankruptcy-trustees/nicholas-to/

Time Stamps:

1:26 – How is the pandemic impacting the average indebted person?
10:16 – How are vaccine mandates impacting people’s finances/jobs?
13:50 – What are creditors doing?
21:40 – How has rising real estate impacted people with high unsecured debt?
31:15 – How is the CRA handling income tax debt?

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