Should You Ever Borrow Money to Invest? | DFI30

Should You Ever Borrow Money to Invest? | DFI30 | Ep. 409. One of the most common borrow-to-invest strategies is to take money from your home equity to purchase an investment property. But is this always a good idea? What if you borrow to invest in the stock market instead? Is that riskier? Is it ever OK to take on debt to invest or is it something you should never do? On today’s podcast, Ted Michalos and Doug Hoyes walk you through how to decide when you are ready to invest, the three ways to invest in stocks, what risks are, and the general dos and don’ts of using your hard-earned money to potentially get a return on it. Tune in for lots of practical advice!

Resources Mentioned in the Show:

Straight Talk on Your Money book by Doug Hoyes:
Hoyes Michalos Joe Debtor Bankruptcy Study
Residential House Prices, Historical Chart:

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