When is CRA Going to Ramp Up Tax Debt Collections? | DFI30

When is CRA Going to Ramp Up Tax Debt Collections? [Panel Discussion] | Ep. 397. When the pandemic first started, the Canada Revenue Agency slowed their collection efforts on income tax debt owing. But with the economy reopened, we are starting to see notices filed by the CRA to individuals owing on income tax, including CERB and CRB debts. Is this a sign that the CRA is ramping up efforts again? What are your options if your employer is served with a Requirement to Pay notice from the government? What if you get a notice that you were overpaid for CERB/CRB or ineligible? Tune in to this panel discussion with Ian Martin, CPA, LIT and Scott Schaefer, CPA, LIT (our in-house tax experts) and host Doug Hoyes for lots of practical advice!

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