You’re Probably Getting Outdated Financial Advice | 6 Pieces You Should Rethink

Personal Finance Tips You Should Avoid | Debt Free In 30| Ep. 358 | Times have changed. Cost of living is higher than ever, and wages have barely kept up. Jobs are no longer as stable as they used to be, and good paying jobs don’t require 4-year degrees necessarily. Knowing this, why do we still give the same financial advice we gave decades ago? On today’s podcast guest Scott Terrio and Doug Hoyes discuss six pieces of common financial advice that we may want to rethink in 2021. Tune in for lots of practical advice!

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Straight Talk On Your Money book by Doug Hoyes:

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1:40 Should Housing Cost No More Than 30% of Monthly Spend?
10:02 Are Student Loans Good Debt?
13:18 Is Buying is Better Than Renting?
19:27 If You Can Finance It, Can You Afford It?
23:06 Is It OK to Talk About Money?
26:06 Should You Carry a Balance On Your Credit Card?
28:16 Having an Emergency Fund Will Always Be Good Advice

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